• Spirit Awakening

    3 Vivid Spiritual Awakening Experiences Sent By God

    God is always with us and He sends reminders in the form of spiritual awakenings. I was raised Catholic, attended a Catholic education system and attended church every Sunday. I was knowledgeable about God, but had not yet been awakened […]

  • Love Of A Caregiver

    Love Of A Caregiver

    Love is a powerful emotion. An emotion experienced by people of all ages, races and cultures. Growing up, I often heard love was blind and had no limits. This love, is often seen in caregivers for the elderly. The love […]

  • Short & Long Term Effects Of Painkillers

    Short & Long Term Effects Of Painkillers

    The long term effects of painkillers can destroy you and your family. Pain is a feeling experienced by many. Yet, each pain is unique. Pain can manifest as a result of physical trauma, an illness, or a side effect of a medication. Painkillers […]

  • Change of bed position

    Change of Bed Position in Assisted Living Facilities

    I have had the privilege of working with a diverse group of assisted living facilities throughout Tampa. The change of bed position in these facilities provides quality of care for many residents who need assistance turning in bed every 2 […]