God is always with us and He sends reminders in the form of spiritual awakenings. I was raised Catholic, attended a Catholic education system and attended church every Sunday. I was knowledgeable about God, but had not yet been awakened by Him. Spiritual awakenings are unique to each individual and realization may not hit until after the event occurred. Every awakening serves a purpose and reminds us that our life on Earth is temporary and a greater power exists. As an adult, I have had 3 vivid spiritual awakening experiences sent by God.

The First Spiritual Awakening

November 22nd, 2012 at 4 a.m. was the exact date and time in which I experienced my first vivid awakening. Backtracking 12 hours earlier, I happily went to pick up my new puppy. I remember falling in love with her at first sight; a small black poodle who fit in the cup of my hands. I arrived home, showed her off to my family and took her to my room where I had already set up some toys for her. I heard a knock on my door. It was my father who came and gave me some money to buy puppy food and supplies. My heart was warm from his gesture.

The day came to an end and I placed my puppy in a woven basket next to my bed and nodded off to sleep. I woke up feeling as if I was in a dream. A cold air kept going through me and felt as if it was hugging me tightly. I felt as if this coldness did not want to let go. The coldness was gone in a few seconds. I took notice of the time, 4 a.m. and dismissed the event as a bad dream. The following morning, Thanksgiving morning, I asked my mother where my father was.

She went to check on him. It turns out, my father had passed away in his sleep. According to the medical examiner it happened around 4 a.m. I realized the coldness I felt was not a dream, but my father’s soul saying good-bye. God had sent me this spiritual awakening to allow me one last moment with my father.

The Second Spiritual Awakening

One night I was doing my hourly rounds during night shift at the hospital. As a nurse, I am usually responsible for 6 patients of different acuities. I knew I had a patient who, according to the medical team, only had a few days left to live. She would be discharged with hospice care if she made it through the night. At the beginning of my shift I noticed that she was losing strength. She no longer could control her body and relied on a bipap machine to breathe an adequate supply of oxygen. Her skin was warm to touch, but her eyes were very much full of life. I knew she was fully aware of her environment and felt the end was near. I prayed a silent prayer with her and continued to see my other patients. A couple of hours later I walked past the nurses’ station and was going to pass this particular patient’s room. I had to stop at her room! There was a woman looking out the window. I found this odd since it was 1am and no visitors had signed in.

I took a closer look and realized that the women I was seeing at the window was the patient who was dying. I admired how healthy and vibrant she looked by the window but was quickly interrupted by a co-worker asking why I was standing by the door. My co-worker could not see this beautiful soul looking out through the window. I made an excuse and proceeded with my night. A few hours later, I walked by the patient’s room and the woman reappeared by the window. This spiritual awakening sent by God was a reminder to me that our souls belong to God. At some point our life on Earth ends and we come back to Him.

The Third Spiritual Awakening

My third spiritual awakening is one dear to my heart. I am fully aware of the existence of God and know He works in mysterious ways. Recently, I had the usual busy night shift in the hospital. Around 3 a.m. there was a dip in activity and all the nurses were sharing stories by the main nurses’ station. An announcement came on, code blue in 15 minutes in the emergency room. Code blue means someone is receiving CPR and cannot breathe on their own. The code blue team assembled themselves and prepared for the patient arriving via EMS. When the patient arrived, silence was the only sound which could be heard. An 11 day old infant was receiving CPR. The infant did not resuscitate.

A small ceremony was shortly performed after the infant’s arrival. Every person carried a heavy burden in their hearts. Many cried and some had to step away to get a breath of fresh air. We held a debriefing and communicated our feelings, which brought closure and unity among the staff. That night my spiritual awakening was not in the form of a spirit per say – but from the living. It showed me the compassion humans are capable of and how connected we become when tragedy happens.

Spiritual awakenings are sent by God and happen in just a few moments. I ask you to assess your day and open your mind to spiritual awakenings. If you have a notable awakening or experience, share it with us in the comment areas.

About the Author: Audrey Lefebvre, RN is a holistic lifestyle nurse in Florida. Audrey has been practicing holistic healthcare and assisted living for the past 5 years. Audrey is the Nursing Director for AudreyTheNurse.com and enjoys writing topics related to nutrition and healthy regimens.


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