From our past experience, we discovered that a resident’s ability to enjoy his/her own life depends on a community of passionate caregivers who are actively involved in each residents’ activities of daily living. Consequently, we are privileged to provide our residents with safety, security, and longevity – by understanding their life stories, desires, and passions.

Assisted Living Wesley Chapel believes each resident is an individual with different abilities and interests. That is why our dedicated team takes time to listen and asses. There is no room for errors; we are actively involved 24/7 to provide each resident with personalized  care and assistance. For example, we understand that there are different levels of memory care and we factor this into each nursing assessment. Moreover, we strive to maintain or improve each resident’s independence level and assist appropriately.

Assisted Living Wesley Chapel Loves Family Visits

Our secured facility is also available to you and each resident 24/7. Assisted Living Wesley Chapel loves family visits! We understand there are two things most important to each resident: (1) his/her safety and comfort, and (2) his/her family. We are always delighted and appreciative for each family member’s involvement in our resident’s lives. Our goal is to provide quality care no matter what. That is why we take responsibility for assisted living supplies, meals, laundry, and recreational activities.

Simply put: we are here for you and your loved one.